Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Take a look at answers to some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) from our experts at Bateman Law Firm.

“Should I report my injury to my employer?”

ALWAYS. While many people are concerned about losing their job if they report an injury that happened at work, failing to report your injury can be used against you. It will also prevent a full investigation from being completed, which is important if you eventually decide to file a claim for your injury. It may also keep a co-worker from being injured in the same way.

“Should I seek medical care even if my injury seems minor?”

DEFINITELY. Although some injuries can be “shaken off,” sometimes minor pain can linger and become major pain that leads to bigger consequences. If you have symptoms from an injury that continue after your accident, you should notify your employer and consult a physician immediately. If a claim can be filed, timely medical care is important and it’s the quickest way to recover from your injury and to get back to work if possible.

“Do I get to pick my own doctors?”

YES. Medical decisions are personal decisions and you should be the one to choose who gives you medical advice and care. If you are injured on the job, you do not have to be treated by the company doctor and your employer must allow you to choose your own physician for medical treatment.

“Should I tell the doctors about any similar injuries or medical treatment I’ve had in the past?”

ABSOLUTELY. It is important for your doctors to have a complete medical history so they can accurately diagnose your condition and provide the proper medical treatment. A similar injury from the past or even medical treatment to the same part of your body doesn’t mean you don’t have a claim.

“Should I call you if I’ve been injured on the job?”

YES. If you’ve never been in that situation, it can be scary and confusing. I am glad to speak with you and to give you the benefit of my experience and opinions, so you can decide how best to handle your concerns. The only bad decision is an uninformed one. My goal is to ensure you have valuable information about your potential case so you can make a good decision—for you and for your family.

“Is my call confidential?”

YES. When you are seeking legal advice from an attorney, all conversations are confidential, and the attorney is not at liberty to disclose them to anyone. Even if you decide not to pursue a claim or hire me to help, what you disclose to me—as well as my advice to you—is held in the strictest of confidence.

“Can I get fired for making a claim for my injury?”

NO. Like most states, Louisiana is “employment at will.” That means an employer doesn’t need a reason to discharge an employee. However, there are laws to protect employees from being fired or from any other adverse employment action based on making a claim for injuries. IMPORTANT: If your injury will affect your ability to make a living, you need legal representation to help you with your claim.

“Will you charge me to talk about my personal injury claim?”

NO. You’ve already paid a price for your injury. And I don’t get paid unless there is a successful conclusion to your case.

“Do I have a case?”

MAYBE. I don’t know until we’ve spoken. But I will only represent you if I believe your case has legal merit and I am confident in my ability to handle your case. If I am not qualified to handle a case worth pursuing, I will recommend another attorney who can provide the expertise it requires, and you deserve.

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